[mythtv-users] xbox recommendations

Jack Madison jack at webhouse.cc
Sun Jan 21 17:31:57 UTC 2007

Sorry if this has been discussed a bazillion times, I've done a bunch of
searching and while I can find a bunch of howto's, I haven't found much
in the way of "which is better".

After a bunch of searching I've decided to try an xbox as a frontend. On
impulse I bought an xbox for $100, turns out it's version 1.1 which is
supposedly good.

I've done a bunch of searching on doing the softmod vs. a chip, but I'm
a bit confused on the best way to go.  I THINK I want to go with a mod
chip, no need to track down a specific version of a game, deal with
special cables or replay boxes, moving savegames, etc.  Perhaps it's not
as bad as it sounds?  If I chip it, is it should be as simple as put in
the chip, boot up to the linux install and go?  If I go with a mod chip,
which should I use?  The DuoX2 seems to be the cheapest, but are there
any drawbacks?

If the xbox ends up being a good front end I'll buy probably 2 more and
do the same thing with them.  I have no interest in playing xbox games,
I simply want to boot up the xbox straight to a mythtv frontend.  If I
track down everything I need for the softmod I should then be able to
mod other xboxs without additional hardware.  Can both a softmoded and
chipped xbox both boot straight to myth?

As for Linux, is Xebian the best?

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