[mythtv-users] Mythbackend Segfault on Delete

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Sun Jan 21 01:22:54 UTC 2007

Gareth Glaccum wrote:
> Sorry, mine truned out to be a known easy to fix bug (i.e. update the system 
> to the patch from last week).
> I can't remember, did you provide the stack trace from gdb? Was this a 
> compiled or an RPM install of Myth?

No, I don't think I provided a stack trace. Will do that ASAP. This Myth host 
is installed from the Axel's ATRPMS images. I checked and definitely have the 
most current images.

> Can you double check your hosts/nsswitch config an ensure that beryl does 
> lookup correctly if you think that adding it as a client is an issue? I know 
> on my system (because I don't read instructions [who does?]) I had the 
> mistake of localhost.localdomain as my master server (still have this week) 
> and this caused several nasty communications crashes.

Yea, I did mess this up. The LAN IP address was resolving as beryl instead of 
beryl.pvt: .pvt being the pseudo-domain for my LAN. This was causing some 
security problems with MySQL. I fixed it, but am still getting segfaults when 
I try to delete a recording from mythweb.

Interestingly, when I fixed the name resolution problem, mythbackend seemed to 
lose some of its configuration info, like the IP information and the one 
encoder present. I reentered this information but am still getting the segfaults.


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