[mythtv-users] Automatically alternating tuners.

jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 08:54:58 UTC 2007


I'm in the UK, using 3 DVB-T cards, sometimes programs run slightly later
than planned, so I have a global setting to record 2 minutes before the
show, and 5 minutes after the show. This works well, except sometimes I want
to record a show starting immediately after another recording. For example:
BBC Two 22:00-22:30, followed by BBC Four 22:30:2300. If it wasn't for the
BBC Four program, the BBC Two program would record until 22:35, but because
they both default to using the same tuner, the BBC Two recording stops at
22:30, at the same time the BBC Four program starts. That means even though
I have three tuners, MythTV will only use the one. (The same thing happens
if they're both on the same channel)

The workaround I've found is to look through the Upcoming recordings and
manually overide the tuner settings on each program. Would there be any way
of making MythTV do this automatically? I know the time period after a show
is a sort of soft time constraint, and if I only had one tuner, I'd want it
to behave like it does already, but it would be nice if the tuner could be
selected based on the time the last show started, and if another tuner is
available the extra recording time would still be used.

Is there any way of doing this automatically?


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