[mythtv-users] US MythTV users: will your recordings be 1 hour off on March 11th?

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 14:50:31 UTC 2007

On 1/17/07, mythusers.jtuttle at xoxy.net <mythusers.jtuttle at xoxy.net> wrote:
> Does anyone know how to perform a similar check on a Debian-based system?
> Or more generally, how to check and see what the local timezone rules are,
> and what's going to change on what particular dates? I had a devil of a time
> getting my local timezone set initially when I set up my box (system clock
> was set to the correct local time but with zone "UTC", apparently the result
> of Windows that was running on the hardware before...took me longer than I'd
> like to admit to notice what was wrong).
> I'm running Knoppmyth R5D1 (Thanks, Chris!) so I suspect that it has all the
> new TZ rules, but I'm curious how one would do the equivalent of "rpm -q
> tzdata". I think the timezone files are all kept in /usr/local/etc/zoneinfo,
> but I'm not sure which package updates them (maybe tzselect?).
> Any more experienced Debian users want to clarify?

first run Henry Harper's test to see what you get, if the second
letter is an S its on standard time, D is daylight savings.
if its a "D" then your good to go, if its an S then update your
package list (apt-get update) and then install the new tzdata,
"apt-get install tzdata". This will update your time zone information,
and I believe it will reset your timezone as well, so run tzconfig to
set your proper time zone again.

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