[mythtv-users] US MythTV users: will your recordings be 1 hour off on March 11th?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Jan 17 14:44:20 UTC 2007

mythusers.jtuttle at xoxy.net wrote:
> Does anyone know how to perform a similar check on a Debian-based system?
> Or more generally, how to check and see what the local timezone rules 
> are, and what's going to change on what particular dates? I had a 
> devil of a time getting my local timezone set initially when I set up 
> my box (system clock was set to the correct local time but with zone 
> "UTC", apparently the result of Windows that was running on the 
> hardware before...took me longer than I'd like to admit to notice what 
> was wrong).
> I'm running Knoppmyth R5D1 (Thanks, Chris!) so I suspect that it has 
> all the new TZ rules, but I'm curious how one would do the equivalent 
> of "rpm -q tzdata". I think the timezone files are all kept in 
> //usr/local/etc/zoneinfo/, but I'm not sure which package updates them 
> (maybe tzselect?).
> Any more experienced Debian users want to clarify?
> Slightly OT, is it possible to have MythTV grab and update the time 
> from XDS? At least at one point, almost all PBS stations transmitted a 
> digital timestamp in the vertical blanking interval, which was used by 
> self-setting VCR clocks and such. I assume that it's local, rather 
> than UTC, time that's transmitted, so it would provide a nice 
> reference as to which timezone the user was in. Do most video-capture 
> cards even preserve / pass on this information to the system? (Based 
> on some patches I'm seeing on mythtv.org <http://mythtv.org>, it looks 
> like the answer is yes, at least in some cases.)
Myth can't, but search the archives for it and the question has come 
up.  There are utilities for XDS to read the VBI data and set the system 
time (outside of Myth in the OS) and a similar utility for DVB sources 
as well.


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