[mythtv-users] Where to start?

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Tue Jan 9 17:03:47 UTC 2007

On 9 Jan 2007, at 12:16, Damian Surr wrote:
>>> ...
>>> Different if I'd like higher
>>> res graphics when emailing etc using the projector?
>> My experience is that TV isn't really suitable for web-surfing or
>> (especially) email. It just isn't comfortable and doesn't "feel
>> right", somehow. If you really need this PC to be dual-purpose then
>> you might be better having a separate keyboard & monitor for that
>> sort of use - this display could be entirely independent of the
>> MythTV head, if you configure X correctly. To be able to surf & email
>> from the couch then I find it more convenient & comfortable to stick
>> a wireless card in an old laptop.
> Sorry, I wasn't clear. I assumed MythTV wouldn't be the best for email
> and browsing. I'd want to drop back to Ubuntu for that.

Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed you were nevertheless planning on doing this  
"emailing etc" on the projector.

Please ignore my advice. I was simply trying to explain that whatever  
o/s one uses, I find web-surfing and email to be clumsy & unnatural  
using a TV (and a projector would surely be the same) - it somehow  
does not seem right or normal to type an email sitting on a sofa some  
metres from a large screen.

Surfing on a TV seems usable but slow - although I have not tried it  
with a 1080p display, I would have though that text would be either  
still be too small to be convenient or so large as to require lots of  
scrolling (for which a TV remote is clumsy and it is not so handy to  
rest a mouse on the arm of a sofa).

But if you plan to surf the web on a regular monitor close the the  
screen, I'm sure Ubuntu will be fine.


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