[mythtv-users] Seperate video out with PVR-350?

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Mon Jan 8 23:26:47 UTC 2007

Hello Dan,

JH> I  would like to have a separate MythTV on the composite out, from
JH> the  video  out  on the VGA. I'm not certain how to do this, I was
JH> thinking  perhaps  having  two users, that login on two separate X
JH> sessions.

DW> It's theoretically possible to have two screens defined in X, one of 
DW> which uses the 350's framebuffer and the other of which uses the VGA 
DW> card, but I was never able to get this working. Instead, I did 
DW> exactly what you suggest, and it works just fine.

I'm  guessing your starting the script with an rc5 entry or something?
I'm  also  curious  how  you  deal  with the password for the user, or
perhaps you are running this script from the shell?

I'm  using  users  mythtv and mythtv-composite. I think I have to make
sure  that  under  the setup on user mythtv's frontend, I need to make
sure that the "use the decoder" feature is turned off. Right?

I would have started testing things, but I'm having a bit of a problem
with NetworkManager. It won't connect to the wireless network with out
user intervention (using the mouse to select the network). I need that
to work before I can move the Myth box to the composite display.

Thanks  for  the  reply,  I  was tempted to post my experience on this
install  on  Fedora  Core  6 on the wiki. If I do can I reference your
scripts and such? Just want to offer credit where it's due.

Best regards.

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