[mythtv-users] Seperate video out with PVR-350?

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Tue Jan 9 14:15:45 UTC 2007

At 6:26 PM -0500 1/8/07, mythtv-users at jaredharvey.com wrote:
>I'm  guessing your starting the script with an rc5 entry or something?

No, it's run entirely on-demand by irexec. There's an entry in the 
.lircrc file that binds it to a remote button. The advantage of doing 
it this way is that the second instance of X need not run until 
someone actually goes to use the second TV.

>I'm  also  curious  how  you  deal  with the password for the user, or
>perhaps you are running this script from the shell?

The script runs as whatever user irexec runs as, which should be root 
in this case. That way, the script can start X as either user and no 
password is needed. Personally, I have my system start at runlevel 3 
(instead of 5), so that I never see a gdm/xdm login prompt. I just 
press the special button on my remote and X starts up, followed by 
Myth. You can set the runlevel by editing /etc/inittab.

Here's the .lircrc entry for the "downstairs" TV, which uses the 
Hauppauge remote:

     prog = irexec
     button = Go
     config = switch-video

and for the "upstairs" TV, which uses a generic RC-5 remote:

     prog = irexec
     button = vcr1-standby
     config = switch-video tv2

where "switch-video" is the name of the script I posted previously, 
stored in /usr/local/bin.

>I'm  using  users  mythtv and mythtv-composite. I think I have to make
>sure  that  under  the setup on user mythtv's frontend, I need to make
>sure that the "use the decoder" feature is turned off. Right?

I actually find that, for the 350, the "use the built-in decoder" 
function is not necessary with recent versions of IVTV. Its 
framebuffer is quite capable of keeping up, and I always found using 
the decoder to be somewhat unstable. But, if you do want to use it, 
then you do have to figure out which DB setting to toggle, yes.

>Thanks  for  the  reply,  I  was tempted to post my experience on this
>install  on  Fedora  Core  6 on the wiki. If I do can I reference your
>scripts and such? Just want to offer credit where it's due.


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