[mythtv-users] freebox encoder issues

Guillaume Membré guillaume.ml at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 23:10:11 UTC 2007


I'm triing to use the freebox encoder. It woks quite well but I have
some issues :

- when I try to tune to channel that I don't have, the backend messed
up and I must restart it. For eg, in the basic offer, "Premiere VO" is
not available. If I tune to it, sometimes, it stay on the current
working channel, sometimes, it displays an error message in osd
explaining that I shoud already have obtain the synchronisation. It
then displays an error message something like "An error has occured
while displaying the video" then I cannot connect any more to the
I can provide log if needed.

- when starting the backend with the -v channel I can see that there
is a problem while parsing the channels :
2007-01-08 23:53:18.463 Parsing Channel #19 : Paris Première VF VF :
2007-01-08 23:53:18.466 Parsing Channel #19 : Paris Première VO VO :
two channels have the same channel number...

- For this to work, I have to disable my firewall because I don't know
what will be the port to receive the data. Is it a different port open
at each rtsp session or is it a fixed one ? is it in a known range ?


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