[mythtv-users] Backend exit on connection and ignored lirc repeats

Matt Rude mythtv at mattrude.com
Fri Jan 5 21:08:06 UTC 2007

Peter Andersson wrote:
> I have two questions for you guys. One regarding master/slave backends and 
> one concerning lirc configuration.
> Software config
> Mythtv 0.20 stable svn from yesterday (sorry can't remember the revision 
> number)
> Kernel With included dvb and v4l modules
> Lirc 0.8.1 pre5
> Hardware
> Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 usb (same as pvr-350 but with usb connection instead of 
> pci)
> Hauppauge Nexus-CA dvb-c (same as Technoternd 2300)
> 1.)
> I'm setting up three mythboxes in my home, two of them will contain video 
> cards and one, the master backend, will not. It's soul purpose is to 
> start/stop the two slaves when a recording is about to start. The problem i 
> have is that when i connect a slave to the backend the backend exits with 
> the following error:
> MainServer: HandleRemoteEncoder(cmd GET_STATE) Unknown encoder: 1, exiting
> "Encoder 1" is a Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 with hardware encoding and is 
> recognized by myth as a pvr-250 card. On the slave backend the tv-card works 
> just fine.
> 2.)
> No matter how i configure .mythtv/lircrc i still get repeats on my remote 
> control. I can get four or five "key strokes" with just one button push, 
> which can be quite annoying. I think i have configured mythtv right. Here's 
> an example:
> begin
>     prog = mythtv
>     button = 1
>     repeat = 0
>     config = 1
> end
> Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this? If so please let me know. I 
> have been banging my head with this for over 24 hours now and i'm nowhere 
> near a solution.
> Thanks
> /peter
for your LIRC problem you need to change the "repeat" value up to 3 or 4
(repeat is asking you how many time will lirc will ignore the same 
button if it is pressed more then once)

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