[mythtv-users] Backend exit on connection and ignored lirc repeats

Peter Andersson pandersson61 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 00:57:07 UTC 2007

I have two questions for you guys. One regarding master/slave backends and 
one concerning lirc configuration.

Software config
Mythtv 0.20 stable svn from yesterday (sorry can't remember the revision 
Kernel With included dvb and v4l modules
Lirc 0.8.1 pre5

Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 usb (same as pvr-350 but with usb connection instead of 
Hauppauge Nexus-CA dvb-c (same as Technoternd 2300)

I'm setting up three mythboxes in my home, two of them will contain video 
cards and one, the master backend, will not. It's soul purpose is to 
start/stop the two slaves when a recording is about to start. The problem i 
have is that when i connect a slave to the backend the backend exits with 
the following error:

MainServer: HandleRemoteEncoder(cmd GET_STATE) Unknown encoder: 1, exiting

"Encoder 1" is a Hauppauge WinTV PVR2 with hardware encoding and is 
recognized by myth as a pvr-250 card. On the slave backend the tv-card works 
just fine.

No matter how i configure .mythtv/lircrc i still get repeats on my remote 
control. I can get four or five "key strokes" with just one button push, 
which can be quite annoying. I think i have configured mythtv right. Here's 
an example:
    prog = mythtv
    button = 1
    repeat = 0
    config = 1

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this? If so please let me know. I 
have been banging my head with this for over 24 hours now and i'm nowhere 
near a solution.



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