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John Kichury jjk439 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 01:21:34 UTC 2007

>From: "Nick Morrott" <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com>
>> Hi,
>> Apologies for re posting this problem. I haven't seen a reply and I'm
>> to get some direction on how to
>> troubleshoot this. I'm running Myth .20 and use zap2it datadirect.,
>> All of the program names on channel
>> 2 show up in the program guide as "Unknown  (Unknown)". All other
>> list the program names just fine.

> (Not a US user, but...) If you remove channel 2 from your zap2it
> lineup, then reconfigure MythTV, then re-add it to your zap2it lineup,
> and again reconfigure MythTV, does the channel get picked up again and
> the problem go away?
> When program listings are "Unknown" it means there is no listings data
> available for that time/channel.
> Nick

Thanks Nick,

I tried your suggestion to no avail.
I deleted channel 2 and added it again from my datadirect lineup at the
zap2it web site,
then deleted all channels in mythtv-setup, followed by scanning the
channels, and doing
a mythfilldatabase. Channel 2 entries still show up as Unknown.

It appears that all of the program names for channel 2 exist in the
mythconverg database, but are being displayed as "Unknown" in mythfrontend.

I downloaded the xml file using the datadirect-parse tool from datadirect
shows channel 2 having an id of 11331.

The 'channel' table in the mythconverg database shows xmltvid=11331 and a

The 'program' table in mythconverg shows all entries for chanid of 1000
having correct program names.

Suggestions will be appreciated.


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