[mythtv-users] Program Names "Unknown"

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jan 2 17:17:28 UTC 2007

On 01/01/2007 08:21 PM, John Kichury wrote:
> > From: "Nick Morrott" <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com>
> >
> >> Apologies for re posting this problem. I haven't seen a reply and
> >> I'm hoping to get some direction on how to troubleshoot this. I'm
> >> running Myth .20 and use zap2it datadirect., cable. All of the
> >> program names on channel 2 show up in the program guide as
> >> "Unknown  (Unknown)". All other channels list the program names
> >> just fine.
> >
> > (Not a US user, but...) If you remove channel 2 from your zap2it
> > lineup, then reconfigure MythTV, then re-add it to your zap2it
> > lineup, and again reconfigure MythTV, does the channel get picked
> > up again and the problem go away?
> >
> > When program listings are "Unknown" it means there is no listings
> > data available for that time/channel.
>  I tried your suggestion to no avail. I deleted channel 2 and added it
>  again from my datadirect lineup at the zap2it web site, then deleted
>  all channels in mythtv-setup, followed by scanning the channels, and
>  doing a mythfilldatabase. Channel 2 entries still show up as Unknown.
>  It appears that all of the program names for channel 2 exist in the
>  mythconverg database, but are being displayed as "Unknown" in
>  mythfrontend.

Nick's right.  The problem is that you have 2 "channel 2's" in your DB.  
The easiest way to clean it up is to use the Delete All button to delete 
all your video sources, then recreate your video sources, input 
connections, and channels.


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