[mythtv-users] remote control recommendation

Jack McGee jack at greendesk.net
Sat Feb 17 01:42:58 UTC 2007

Nate Crosno wrote:
>> Any recommendations?
> Check out JP1 Remotes. http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/

I did that and am very happy with the results.  I think I paid $20 for 
an OFA 8811 at Walmart.  Many bonuses to the JP1 route, number 1 being 
price, but up there is that if the batteries die on the thing and it 
loses it's memory, it's a piece of cake to hook it back to computer and 
download all the memory back into it.

To get mine working with LIRC, I had to result to learning the Hauppage 
Remote and using a file for the Hauppage, but on the list is to make a 
LIRC file that uses all the buttons on the 8811.  I tried once using the 
files on the hifiremote board, but couldn't get it to work.

I'm sure I'm not using 50% of the capacity of this $20 remote.

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