[mythtv-users] Slow network causes myth to hang?

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Sun Feb 11 10:42:52 UTC 2007

Brian Wood wrote
> I'm sure you know all this, but:

I think two people's issues are getting confused in this thread . . .

> Any chance of changing your network topology so the path from the  
> Myth machine to NFS storage is not interfering with the "transfers"  
> you mentioned?

Sure.  The transfers are backed up DVD iso's from the myth box going to 
the NFS server.  It's the only time traffic goes that way.  The rest of 
the time it is the myth box reading from the nfs server.  The obvious 
answer is not to rip isos on the myth box but elsewhere and copy them 
over 100Mb ethernet to the NFS server.

> You could even put a second NIC in the NFS box and create a second  
> network just for the Myth system I suppose, if one of the boxes  
> involved in the transfers was the NFS server.

I do have multiple nic's in the NFS server for this reason, however the 
issue (for me) is the myth box is only accessible via my wireless 
network.  When this gets congested (or is generally rubbish) myth suffers.

> There are 2 ways to get more bandwidth, add more in some way or  
> remove some of what exists from the overloaded path.

I'm adding a second WAP purely for myth .  I'm still interested to 
understand why myth becomes so unresponsive even navigating top levels 
of the menu system when my network is congested.


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