[mythtv-users] Slow network causes myth to hang?

Mike Grusin mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com
Sun Feb 11 07:32:16 UTC 2007

> I was going to add a PCI-X gigabit card to the older machine as the
> new box has one on the mobo. I just have not got around to do it.
> Also I have not powered down or rebooted the old box in 234 days so I
> am just a little worried that I may have a problem booting and it is
> the master backend. I remember it took some work coaxing the machine
> to boot on a 400GB Seagate 7200.10 as for some weird reason the BIOS
> of  the SATA card saw the drive as 2 drives and wanted to boot the
> phantom drive. I do have a rescue cd somewhere that I made to avoid
> this problem.

LOL, that's a backhanded compliment for Windows - it needs rebooting often
enough that you'll never forget any special procedures. :D

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