[mythtv-users] Myth frontend on PPC OSX?

David Snider dsnider at thesniderpad.com
Sat Feb 10 03:36:38 UTC 2007

> Hi David,
>    So it seems to work OK. It's a big laggy in the main interface but
> the video is OK when it finally starts running. Video comes in noce
> over the wireless interface so that gives me freedom to place it
> somewhere out of the way.
Yeah, you get a little used to that...  Honestly, though I also have the 
DirecTV HD Tivo and the sluggishness of the Mac Mini is only slightly 
worse than the Tivo. 
>    I'm not much of a Mac guy. What's the proper way to really install
> this so that it works for anyone that's logged on? When I double click
> on your .dmg file I get a broser that shows the file which I simply
> dragged ot my desktop to test but there must be a better way to do
> this. Should I be putting in the Application folder? Not sure.
What I would do, is open the dmg file, and then drag the application to 
your Applications folder (you should see a link to is on the left of the 
Finder window.  When you drag the application to the Applications 
Folder, it will highlight and you can just drop it.  You'll see some 
dialog about files being copied, etc.

Next, you can click on the Applications folder on the left of your 
finder window and then drag the MythFrontend application to the Dock, 
this will make it much easier to launch.

If you want it to launch at startup, go into System Preferences (usually 
a link on the Dock, otherwise it's in the Applications Folder).  Click 
on the Accounts link in the "System" section.  Select the account you 
want to launch it upon logon, and click the "Login Items" Tab.   Then, 
click the + sign and select the MythFrontend application from the dialog 
>    Sorry if this is on your website. I'm away from the machine right
> now and on a more limited interface so I Was hoping to get a bit of
> info ready for when I got back to the machine.
I don't have any of this on the website, it's just my personal blog 
site, I'm just a big fan of Myth and figured, this was the only way I 
knew to give something back to the community.   But, there is a great 
deal of information on the Wiki.

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