[mythtv-users] NAS RAID 5 for MythTv

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Fri Feb 9 23:00:00 UTC 2007

On 9 Feb 2007, at 00:25, Andreas Ntaflos wrote:
>> ...
>> I'd be very interested to hear any other recommendations for an SATA
>> hardware RAID card that supports hot-swap & can be fully configured
>> under Linux. Although (considering the typical 1:$1 import rate
>> conversion) I'd prefer to pay less than $309, that price is
>> acceptable and far more important is driver support. I'd like a hot-
>> swap card that can easily be queried for driver status using the CLI,
>> logs errors to syslog and which can be expected to be supported under
>> Linux forever & a day (I thought I might look at some of those with
>> OpenBSD support, reasoning these cards are likely to have open driver
>> documentation & good Linux support, too).
> The new libata stuff made it into the 2.6.19 mainline kernel and  
> supports many
> SATA controllers, especially the cheap ones (EUR 50,00--100,00),  
> but not many
> have driver support for hotswap. Check out
> http://linux-ata.org/driver-status.html
> where you can see what hardware is supported and which features are  
> available.
> Don't forget to check the driver/feature matrix before going out  
> and buying a
> Promise TX4 (EUR 80,00) like I did; the hardware supports all the  
> nice stuff
> but the driver doesn't.

Thanks. I wasn't aware of the linux-ata.org site and it indeed looks  
like a useful the resource. The problem with such lists - as it seems  
like you may have discovered with your Promise - is that it can still  
be a lot of work matching cards you can actually find to buy in the  
shops with the chipset & driver listed. Shopping can be the most  
painful part of using Linux - I guess it's a good job we don't have  
to do that _too_ often ;)

> The 3ware controllers are probably the best option for the moment ...

They certainly seem well-recommended here. :D

And I find them to be fairly affordable on eBay. I'd find the off-the- 
shelf prices (here in the UK, at least) a little prohibitive, but I  
don't think I'm impatient enough that that needs to be a problem. It  
looks like one can pick up a 9500-12 for a couple of hundred quid,  
6TB should be enough for anybody.

Thanks to yourself & to all the other list members who responded to  
this question,


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