[mythtv-users] flashing images (too big?) on some channels?

Josť Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 12:30:02 UTC 2007

       hi all,

       I'm experiencing problems with some TVChannels (DVB-T). Most of
my channels work ok (great image) but others present a strange

      * I can watch those channels ok, but each x seconds (not
constant), I get a "flashing"
       image over the video stream, something like a frame (of the
same broadcast) that
       is overlapped over the live video, just for some tenths of second.

       * If, in those channels, I activate the EPG, I can watch the
livetv on the little
       square of video in the corner up right **but** (that's the
interesting part), each
       X seconds, that square grows in hight and the image gets bigger,
       overwriting the "current time" field in the EPG and the first
channel row.

       I don't know if someone has experienced this before, and can
give me any clue about how to solve it...

       Thanks in advance!

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