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Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 16:41:04 UTC 2007

On 2/6/07, Jeffery Swan <scientist at engineer.com> wrote:
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>  Jeffery Swan wrote:
>  > If this is how it works (and I am assuming it is) I am thinking
>  > that to reduce network traffic, I should put the NAS on a
>  > seperate subnet. If the myth tv backend(s) have two NICs each
>  > with one NIC dedicated to the NAS subnet and the other for the
>  > front ends the network traffic should be much more stream lined.
>  Are you really going to use more than 100mbit of traffic?  Surely the IO
>  of the raid 5 will be the bottleneck - rather than your network?  Unless
>  HD records at higher than 12MB a sec which seems unlikely to me.
>  Raid 0 will improve write speeds which is available on FreeNas  - but
>  then no redundancy.
>   Actually I have 9 Front ends, 4 Backends, 6 Directv receivers and capture cards, 4
> Security cameras with associated capture cards, and nearly 5 TB of Video/Audio/Photos.
> The reason I am looking at NAS is to move all my storage out of the Backends. My goal
> is to use 3 old mini-tower cases with 4 500 GIG drives each all on a Gigabit backbone. I
> was hoping that having the seperate cases would aleviate the bottleneck issue.
> As for using linux to run these, the FreeBSD seems to be fine and I am able to use some
> really old PCs. My current "experimmentation model" is a Pentium 600 Mhz with 256
> Meg RAM and it seems to work great. (Yes I am a cheap Bast***)!!!
> Anyway, with the little bit of testing I have done, the two subnet system seems to work well and has greatly reduced BW usage on the main subnet. As for "people" (wife, kids, etc.) who still want to use windows to upload photos and music, I have a 200 Gig HD in one of the backends running a samba server. This HD is an "upload" space. I wrote a script to move these uploaded files to the NAS around 2:00am each morning.
> This gives an added layer of protection as now no one can get to any of the files directly.
> Does anyone know... can I use LVM over multiple NAS so that it all looks like a big /multimedia drive? I'll have to do some more experimenting when I get
> another NAS up and running.
>    Last but certainly not least... I am hoping that eventually the freeNAS will have DLNA making it even more useful :-)
> Thanks for the input and suggestions!!!

ugh, html...

3 cases * 4 drives = 1  NORCO DS-1210 or similar.

and you don't have to waste all that electricity for 3 computers, you
don't have to worry about joining drives across computers, etc. (which
is all possible, but PITA).

As for Myth, you can either have the backend stream the recordings to
the frontend or you can have the frontend read the files as locally
mounted (via nfs, etc). Content such as for MythMusic and MythVideos
will require local mounts (nfs, etc). All of which should be no
problem overall

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