[mythtv-users] HP PVR150 card recording .mpg files but file command shows them as "data"

zablal baz zablalbaz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 05:14:23 UTC 2007

Hey All,

I have a hardware based HP PVR150 capture card.  When my Myth box was a
Windows system running SageTV, all my recorded shows would be captured as
mpeg2 files.  A file command against one of those files would show as:

$ file SoylentGreen-2782310-0.mpg
SoylentGreen-2782310-0.mpg: MPEG sequence, v2, program multiplex

Under mythtv, my shows are recorded with the .mpg extension, but they don't
really appear to be mpeg2 compliant files.  A file command against any of my
recorded shows will return the following:

$ file /video/recordings/1256_20070201180000.mpg
/video/recordings/1256_20070201180000.mpg: data

Now, none of my editing software (windows - TsunamiDVD, linux - avidemux)
will open these files unless I run them through a very lengthy ffmpeg

Can anyone tell me how to get my beloved "MPEG sequence, v2, program
multiplex" files back?  Is this an issue where I can just turn off some sort
of automatic transcoding here?


ps: I know I'm probably gonna get fried for asking this one, but I've been
searching through the user list for a long time with no luck.  Lots of folks
with similar issues but not quite what I'm seeing.
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