[mythtv-users] Transcode any program recorded on one channel (new Aussie HD channels)

Cal cal at graggrag.com
Mon Dec 10 03:14:11 UTC 2007

David Whyte wrote:
> I notice that Shepherd is now giving me a full set of listing for new
> High-Def channel 7HD, which means that people in the family will
> probably start scheduling recording of programs from those channels.


> [...]
> I would like to automagically setup my channels so that *anything*
> recorded on *only* the HD channel will get transcoded down to SD
> quality at best!  Is there are way to configure this in the channel
> settings that I can't find or is it up to the person creating the
> schedule to manually set the transcode job at the same time?

System level fine detail might vary, but the general principles outlined
here look promising.  <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=346778>
> For bonus points, is there an easy way to prevent the program from
> being listed in the 'Watch Recorded Programs' screen until *after* the
> transcoding has finished, to prevent people from trying to play them
> on the Xboxes?  I imagine recording groups and user jobs would do it,
> but I don't know where to start :(

Nah not for me, cheers!

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