[mythtv-users] Cardinput

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Aug 31 15:48:35 UTC 2007

On 08/31/2007 10:50 AM, Andrew Burgess wrote:
>>> You want to add the lowest-quality capture card to mythtv-setup last. 
>>> Delete all capture cards (not Delete all capture cards on <hostname>)
>>> and then re-add them in the proper order, then configure input connections.
>> This is what I'd recommend. Do not delete videosources, channels,
>> rules, don't scan for channels or anything else, just Delete all
>> capture cards (not Delete all capture cards on <hostname>). This
>> will empty your card and input tables

And as Bruce was trying to make clear after my post (which didn't make
it clear), it's actually the input connections that must be in order
(i.e. "then configure the input connections" should be "then configure
the input connections in the proper order").  Or, as he described, add a
card and connect its input then add another card and connect its input...

>>  and reset the counters to
>> zero so that the first card you enter will be "1".
> Hmmm. Are you sure?

He's positive.  He wrote much of this code.

>  I have one tuner but have fiddled with my
> setup alot and when I check System Status it tells me e.g.
> "Tuner 14 is not recording" and that's the only tuner listed.
> I thought (based on this) that every time you add a new card 
> you get a new unique index number.


>  I'm not sure I ever did
> 'delete all cards' so maybe that is what resets the indices?

Yep.  Which is part of the reason why "Delete all capture cards" (and
"Delete all video sources") happens to be special.  That's also why some
posts (i.e. ones I often write) tend to make such a big deal out of the
whole "Delete all" thing.

>> Priority Rule Name: Card 2 signal
>> Priority Value: -1
>> cardinput.cardinputid = 2 AND
>> channel.channum IN (3, 6, 95)
> Wouldn't rules like this break whenever you delete/add cards
> or 'delete all'?
> I could be wrong...

Potentially--assuming the cardinputid changes.  But, considering the
user is setting things up correctly this time, it's unlikely to ever be
redone again.  And if it is redone (i.e. the user adds a new lower
quality capture card or removes some capture cards or whatever), the
user will need to tell Myth what's changed, anyway, so the user will
have to reconfigure priorities.  But then again, both Bruce and I are
recommending that the OP fix the issue described without priorities.

> Would a useful enhancement be to have a priority field for cards?

There is one (technically for card inputs, which are the things that
must be in order, anyway), but it affects the recording, not just the
card, which is why the non-/recording/-priority approach--putting best
card input first--is more appropriate.


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