[mythtv-users] Cardinput

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Fri Aug 31 14:50:19 UTC 2007

>> You want to add the lowest-quality capture card to mythtv-setup last. 
>> Delete all capture cards (not Delete all capture cards on <hostname>)
>> and then re-add them in the proper order, then configure input connections.

>This is what I'd recommend. Do not delete videosources, channels,
>rules, don't scan for channels or anything else, just Delete all
>capture cards (not Delete all capture cards on <hostname>). This
>will empty your card and input tables and reset the counters to
>zero so that the first card you enter will be "1".

Hmmm. Are you sure? I have one tuner but have fiddled with my
setup alot and when I check System Status it tells me e.g.
"Tuner 14 is not recording" and that's the only tuner listed.

I thought (based on this) that every time you add a new card 
you get a new unique index number. I'm not sure I ever did
'delete all cards' so maybe that is what resets the indices?

>Priority Rule Name: Card 2 signal
>Priority Value: -1
>cardinput.cardinputid = 2 AND
>channel.channum IN (3, 6, 95)

Wouldn't rules like this break whenever you delete/add cards
or 'delete all'?

I could be wrong...

Would a useful enhancement be to have a priority field for cards?


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