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Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Aug 31 17:52:10 UTC 2007

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 08/31/2007 10:50 AM, Andrew Burgess wrote:
>>> Priority Rule Name: Card 2 signal
>>> Priority Value: -1
>>> cardinput.cardinputid = 2 AND
>>> channel.channum IN (3, 6, 95)
>> Wouldn't rules like this break whenever you delete/add cards
>> or 'delete all'?
>> I could be wrong...
> Potentially--assuming the cardinputid changes.  But, considering the
> user is setting things up correctly this time, it's unlikely to ever be
> redone again.  And if it is redone (i.e. the user adds a new lower
> quality capture card or removes some capture cards or whatever), the
> user will need to tell Myth what's changed, anyway, so the user will
> have to reconfigure priorities.  But then again, both Bruce and I are
> recommending that the OP fix the issue described without priorities.

Like Custom Record, Custom Priority allows you to edit existing
rules. If a name or number changed but the signal issues remain
the same, you can change to info in the rule. The reason I mentioned
this is because people sometimes have problems where one input has
a few bad channels. This could be due to the cable, splitter, PCI
slot, card, etc. I don't know if this was the case for the OP but
we now have a new tool to address problems like this.

>> Would a useful enhancement be to have a priority field for cards?

No. If there is a card with no inputs, it's irrelevant. If a
card has one input, then they are synonymous. If a card has more
than one one input then the preference needs to specify which
of the inputs is preferred over the other. This is one of the
reasons we need Input priority.

Most people likely have one input per card and don't see the
reasons that the distinction is important. "Displayname" was
first checked in as being per card. However I have cable on coax
and s-video from a STB.  To enter live TV and see "Card 2"
doesn't tell me which one I'm looking at. I immediately changed
this to a per input attribute.

When I added the status char column on the Upcoming Recordings
page, I debated if the number should be the inputid or cardid.
Even though the input number would be more specific, I assume
most people would like to know which card is in use. If there
are two inputs on a card, "2" recording a basic cable channel
explains why I can't record a digital cable show on that card.
If they were inputids, I'd have to remember which inputs were
mutually exclusive on the same card.

That said the point of Custom Priority is that the possibilities
are limitless.

Priority Rule Name: Card 14 signal
Priority Value: -1

cardinput.cardid = 14 AND
channel.chanid IN (1002, 1005, 1007, 1008, 1009)

Avoids these channel IDs for any input on this card.

Priority Rule Name: HGTV
Priority Value: 2

capturecard.hostname = 'moktoo'
AND channel.callsign = 'TVGN'

Record TV Guide Network on this host. In this case, this one
channel on this one card and input.

Priority Rule Name: ESPN on bigboy
Priority Value: 1

capturecard.hostname = 'bigboy'
AND channel.callsign LIKE 'ESPN%'

Record any shows from "the ESPN family of networks" on any
input at this host. In this case there is a card with basic
cable, one with digital cable and firewire capture for HD
channels. Regardless of which station, channel or if it is
flagged as HDTV, prefer any input on this host over recording
on another host.

mysql> select sourceid, channum, callsign from channel where callsign like 'ESPN%' order by channum;
| sourceid | channum | callsign |
|        1 | 30      | ESPN     |
|        1 | 31      | ESPN2    |
|        2 | 320     | ESPNU    |
|        2 | 321     | ESPNN    |
|        2 | 322     | ESPNCL   |
|        2 | 704     | ESPN     |
|        2 | 705     | ESPN2    |
|        3 | 904     | ESPN     |
|        3 | 905     | ESPN2    |

--  bjm

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