[mythtv-users] AHH! What happened to my dmix audio??

Jon Boehm boehm100 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 25 08:33:46 UTC 2007


Everything been working great for quite a while.  I use a spdif
connection between my htpc and my receiver.  I used dmix as my
alsa:default thus passing analog and digital audio thru this connection.
   See the attached asound.conf.

I was playing with xine tonight and at one point it popped up some
message about not gaining access to the audio channel.  Don't know if
that was the cause of the problem but now my analog audio pass thru to
the spdif connection is GONE!!  The digital audio still works (hdtv and
dvds.)  But no analog source material works (analog tv recording.) Even
the annoying system bell is busted.  Its like my machine it totally
ignoring the asound.conf.

jboehm at catwomen:~$ /usr/bin/aplay -D default
Playing WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav' : Signed 16 bit
Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono
But no sound comes out!!!

jboehm at catwomen:~$ aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
card 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: ALC883 Digital [ALC883 Digital]
    Subdevices: 1/1
    Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

jboehm at catwomen:~$ aplay -L
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      Front speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Analog
      7.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Side, Rear and Woofer speakers
      HDA Intel, ALC883 Digital
      IEC958 (S/PDIF) Digital Audio Output
      Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)

That -L output doesn't look right to me.  It used to have pages of
output.  This makes me think something in my alsa configuration got hosed.

Please help ... I'm panicking a little,

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