[mythtv-users] Asus M2NPV-VM - Component vs. DVI

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 07:40:46 UTC 2007

> I have made some progress in my setup by switching
>back to the component instead of the DVI. For the
>first time I am driving the TV at 1920x1080 (recall
>DVI would support a maximum of 1280x720 but this TV
>does not natively support 720p).

There is apparently an issue with the M2NPV-VM not reading the EDID
correctly form some Monitors / TVs over DVI / HDMI. Mine had no
picture at all until I added

Option "ModeValidation" "AllowInterlacedModes , NoVertRefreshCheck,

to xorg.conf and use an explicit modeline that you know your set can use.

I tried these from
http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Modeline_Database and had to
tweak the numbers to get the picture centered. You can use xvidtune,
but in my case it would not actually change things, but you could see
what to change to shift it right, up , down , left, etc.

#ModeLine "ATSC-1080-59.94i" 74.176 1920 1960 2016 2200 1080 1082 1088
1125 Interlace

#ModeLine "ATSC-1080-59.94p" 148.352 1920 1960 2016 2200 1080 1082 1088 1125

I then got a great picture once X came up . You never see the console
or the BIOS boot messages.

I can telnet or ssh in from another computer, so changing things that
result in no picture is not a big problem. I edited xorg.conf remotely
and restarted X.


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