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Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 23 19:38:55 UTC 2007

I'm using MythDora as well, and I just bought a Harmony 550 remote that I
want to integrate into my setup.  Any chance you could give me an outline as
to how you got your Harmony working?  What did you use for the IR receiver,





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If you are looking for a good myth distro I would advise you have a look at
mythdora. Granted it's based on a redhat product, it's pretty much ready to
go after install.
I have no problems using my Harmony 880 with it to control Mythfrontend, at
the moment I have nothing bad to say about Mythdora 


> > Has anyone here used Linux MCE?  I guess it is MythTV bundled and
> > with Ubuntu and some other things.  Looks amazing.  Any testimonies?
> search the list archives.  it has come up a couple times in the past
> month with both positive and negative reviews.  overall consensus was 
> that it has great potential for a Myth Distro, but to get all
> functionality advertised you have to use the same hardware the distro
> maintainer uses...
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Pretty much the same response, with some added personal response:

Good potential, great piece of potential to bring Linux closer to
"mainstream".  IMHO no way it compares to Standalone MythTV due to 
it's bulkiness.  I purchased both hardware it's "supposed" to work on,
and hardware that other's have "tweaked" it to work on, and neither is
a cut and dry installation/setup from the point of a novice.  I am 
quite comfortable with Linux and still had a good share of problems
that are considerably difficult to work around.  Without a good
knowledge of how the core functionality (the DCERouter) works,
ultimately you are in the hands of the community (which is growing 
quickly, but is still relatively infant).

So, effort, looks and potential = 10
Usability, current-stability = 4
Learning curve is WAY to high (along with the stability issues) for me
to consider it as a home automation option right now.  MisterHouse is 
far more stable and reliable as well as easy-to-setup/easy-to-use and
as such a much more "desirable" solution for me.

All of that with a tiny grain of salt...

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