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Kevin Saenz ksaenz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 03:00:16 UTC 2007

If you are looking for a good myth distro I would advise you have a look at
mythdora. Granted it's based on a redhat product, it's pretty much ready to
go after install.
I have no problems using my Harmony 880 with it to control Mythfrontend, at
the moment I have nothing bad to say about Mythdora

> > > Has anyone here used Linux MCE?  I guess it is MythTV bundled and
> configured
> > > with Ubuntu and some other things.  Looks amazing.  Any testimonies?
> >
> > search the list archives.  it has come up a couple times in the past
> > month with both positive and negative reviews.  overall consensus was
> > that it has great potential for a Myth Distro, but to get all
> > functionality advertised you have to use the same hardware the distro
> > maintainer uses...
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> Pretty much the same response, with some added personal response:
> Good potential, great piece of potential to bring Linux closer to
> "mainstream".  IMHO no way it compares to Standalone MythTV due to
> it's bulkiness.  I purchased both hardware it's "supposed" to work on,
> and hardware that other's have "tweaked" it to work on, and neither is
> a cut and dry installation/setup from the point of a novice.  I am
> quite comfortable with Linux and still had a good share of problems
> that are considerably difficult to work around.  Without a good
> knowledge of how the core functionality (the DCERouter) works,
> ultimately you are in the hands of the community (which is growing
> quickly, but is still relatively infant).
> So, effort, looks and potential = 10
> Usability, current-stability = 4
> Learning curve is WAY to high (along with the stability issues) for me
> to consider it as a home automation option right now.  MisterHouse is
> far more stable and reliable as well as easy-to-setup/easy-to-use and
> as such a much more "desirable" solution for me.
> All of that with a tiny grain of salt...
> -Chad
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