[mythtv-users] Linux MCE

Mike LaPlante mike at dividia.net
Wed Aug 22 21:28:19 UTC 2007

Mike Dodge wrote:
> Has anyone here used Linux MCE?  I guess it is MythTV bundled and 
> configured with Ubuntu and some other things.  Looks amazing.  Any 
> testimonies?
> Thanks
> Mike
I haven't tried it yet. I've seen arguments that its too flashy, seems 
lots of people prefer the minimalistic approach. Others think Myth will 
be out done by fancy graphics and pretty menus unless Myth changes its 

Personally I think LinuxMCE looks really nice, and its cool to see 
something so "bling bling" done in Linux. The GUI isn't the part that 
interest me the most though. What really interest me from the demo is 
the home automation integration. I'd love to see Myth modules for all 
that X10 type stuff.

I think I'll wait until LinuxMCE has had some more time to mature, and 
until I have a spare computer that I can try it on. I don't want to 
jeopardize my current Myth setup, that I've almost got running perfect, 
just to try a new toy. Even then I'd rather the LinuxMCE be a backend 
server to everything and have Myth frontends all around the house.



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