[mythtv-users] Compiling on Ubuntu Feisty - Thankyou

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 16 22:02:51 UTC 2007

Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
> William Munson wrote:
>> Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
>>> Thanks to all that replied on my issues with compiling on Ubuntu Feisty. 
>>> All is working now (to a point) with a few niggly issues.
>>> I did cheat somewhat and first installed the package version to get all 
>>> the desktop stuff, auto login, auto start etc in place, then went ahead 
>>> and compiled from source. I then moved all the package generated files 
>>> out of the way and changed all the calls to my new compiled version. 
>>> Everything Myth wise is working nicely. Once i get my remote back to how 
>>> I want it and kill off the screensaver I will be extra happy.
>>> Thanks again
>>> Cheers
>>> Bruce
>> Not sure what you mean about changing the links. The process you should 
>> have followed is as follows:
>> Uninstall the package version with your package remover.
>> Compile the svn with ./configure --prefix=/usr <your options>
>> Do a make install to install the new version.
>> Configure themes with the same prefix. Do make/make install.
>> Configure plugins with same prefix plus your options.
>> Do make/make install.
>> Restart the backend and any frontends and you should be running svn. You 
>> will need to manually install mythweb. Read the docs.
> Hi Bill
> That is what I did originally and it royally screwed everything up in a 
> big way. Don't really know what the packages put where but deinstalling 
> the mythfiles dragged alot of other things out of the mix.
> This time round I got everything working first via packages, then 
> compiled. Before doing anything else, I moved all the package files to 
> different obscure directories, modified files like ld.so.conf, redid 
> ldconfig etc and double-triple checked the location of every myth 
> related file. Once I was sure that there was absolutely no chance of the 
> make stage finding anything it shouldn't, I shut down the backend and 
> frontend, then went ahead with the rest of the compile steps. Once that 
> finished I modified the startup scripts to point to my new files, 
> pressed the button and everything came up with the new version. Did the 
> same with the plugins and themes.
> I know this was a strange way to do things but I needed to do it fast 
> inbetween recording schedules or my wife would have killed me and fed me 
> to the dogs. If I get a lull in whats going on and I can learn more 
> about desktops etc, I will do yet another install which will be done the 
> "right" way.
> Cheers
> Bruce

Unless I dont understand what you are doing it would appear that you 
compiled your plugins against the 0.20 release rather than SVN. Did you 
install mythtv before compiling your plugins or after? If after, just 
recompile them against the installed svn code and your issues should go 


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