[mythtv-users] Compiling on Ubuntu Feisty - Thankyou

Bruce Nordstrand brucen at ksl.com.au
Thu Aug 16 01:08:24 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> Bruce Nordstrand wrote:
>> Thanks to all that replied on my issues with compiling on Ubuntu Feisty. 
>> All is working now (to a point) with a few niggly issues.
>> I did cheat somewhat and first installed the package version to get all 
>> the desktop stuff, auto login, auto start etc in place, then went ahead 
>> and compiled from source. I then moved all the package generated files 
>> out of the way and changed all the calls to my new compiled version. 
>> Everything Myth wise is working nicely. Once i get my remote back to how 
>> I want it and kill off the screensaver I will be extra happy.
>> Thanks again
>> Cheers
>> Bruce
> Not sure what you mean about changing the links. The process you should 
> have followed is as follows:
> Uninstall the package version with your package remover.
> Compile the svn with ./configure --prefix=/usr <your options>
> Do a make install to install the new version.
> Configure themes with the same prefix. Do make/make install.
> Configure plugins with same prefix plus your options.
> Do make/make install.
> Restart the backend and any frontends and you should be running svn. You 
> will need to manually install mythweb. Read the docs.
Hi Bill

That is what I did originally and it royally screwed everything up in a 
big way. Don't really know what the packages put where but deinstalling 
the mythfiles dragged alot of other things out of the mix.

This time round I got everything working first via packages, then 
compiled. Before doing anything else, I moved all the package files to 
different obscure directories, modified files like ld.so.conf, redid 
ldconfig etc and double-triple checked the location of every myth 
related file. Once I was sure that there was absolutely no chance of the 
make stage finding anything it shouldn't, I shut down the backend and 
frontend, then went ahead with the rest of the compile steps. Once that 
finished I modified the startup scripts to point to my new files, 
pressed the button and everything came up with the new version. Did the 
same with the plugins and themes.

I know this was a strange way to do things but I needed to do it fast 
inbetween recording schedules or my wife would have killed me and fed me 
to the dogs. If I get a lull in whats going on and I can learn more 
about desktops etc, I will do yet another install which will be done the 
"right" way.


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