[mythtv-users] How to use SVN for most recent improvements

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Aug 16 16:10:55 UTC 2007

scott at tbwifi.ca wrote:
> Mike,
> You guys must hate idiots that don't follow the damn instructions eh?  ;^)
> Seriously though, being very green I didn't really follow what you meant
> by that and thus my grief.  What do you think is the best approach from
> here on if there is a chance that I may need to compile another newer
> version later on?  Should I just redo the build following your original
> instructions or for now just change the ld.so.conf back to what it needed
> to be to make my current build work?
Your systems works, the way you set it up? Keep it that way. Make sure you write 
down everything you did (if you haven't already forgotten...). The next time you 
do an update may be a good year or two away.

As anyone who's been on this list for a while will tell you, if it ain't broke, 
walk away quietly and enjoy your system. At least until you find a bug that gets 
on your nerves...or the SO decides he/she wants $FEATURE...

Mind you, there are also the hardened geeks like myself who just can't leave 
well enough alone...

Mike Perkins

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