[mythtv-users] Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 8 18:03:51 UTC 2007

Dan Wilga wrote:
> That's not necessarily true. While it is quite possible that Google 
> and PayPal do it this way (since they are very likely the card 
> processor), I know for a fact that it is possible to have a recurring 
> charge where the merchant (or other first-level contact with the 
> user) has no knowledge of the card number at any time. The card info 
> can stay entirely with the processor, not the merchant.

Thank you for bringing this up.  No one involved with Schedules Direct
wants to touch credit card numbers -- PayPal and other similar
processors like Google Checkout will do all of that for us, and assume
the risk of dealing with the security nightmare.


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