[mythtv-users] Alternatives to Supporting schedulesdirect.org

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Aug 8 16:00:48 UTC 2007

On Aug 8, 2007, at 6:28 AM, Braindead wrote:
> If you knew what I know about Automated Clearing House (ACH)  
> transfers, the people involved in the process and the serious lack  
> of security, you would think twice about allowing anyone to make  
> ACH transfers from your accounts.  And that's how PayPal (and as  
> far as I know everybody) tranfers funds to/from your account.

IF you tie your Paypal account to your checking account.  AFAIK you  
can still just give them a credit card number.

The ACH system is totally broken and insecure, but it existed long  
before Paypal.  It's not their fault.

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