[mythtv-users] Minor questions on interface options, remote/key bindings, and flow

D. Moonfire lists at mfgames.com
Wed Aug 8 14:59:31 UTC 2007


Rather new to MythTV, being that my setup is only a few weeks old. I got
everything working beautifully (including the dual satellite setup and a
separate BE/FE arrangement), but I had a few questions that I would *love*
pointers to how to figure them out.

1. I'm somewhat confused on how to change keys from the remote. Mainly, I want
the EPG use use the Enter key (bound to my remote's select) for what is now the
"M" key and bind the record options (what is default Enter) to the "R" button
(since it is basically setting up record options). I want to keep the menu and
record buttons normal while watching TV.

2. Is there a way of going directly to the EPG from watching LiveTV? Ideally
something I could bind to the Guide button on my remote.

3. I can't seem to figure out how to stop watching a recording, jump to the menu
to add a few new things to the schedule, then return back to the recording where
I stopped. Is there a set of keys I have to do for this?

4. Is there a setting for getting audible feedback while pressing buttons? So,
you can hear sounds when you change options, hit the chan+/chan- buttons, etc.

5. I have *no* clue why I can't get my number keys to work. :) In the lircrc
file, it is just "1", right?


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