[mythtv-users] Thanks, and 2 more questions

Greg Mitchell greg at nodecam.com
Tue Apr 24 00:02:17 UTC 2007

Frank Mckinney wrote:

> 1 - I've read that MythTV prefers to be 'set and forget', as in build, 
> install, configure and don't touch it. At the moment what I'm planning 
> is to eventually use the MythTV box as a backend with an Xbox frontend 
> (so I can play games, etc.), but until I can get my hands on a used 
> Xbox, I might have to use the MythTV box as a combined 
> backend/frontend. Is it generally easier to simply re-install and 
> start from scratch in this case, and just use the first experience as 
> a 'getting my hands dirty' type of experience? *
You shouldn't need to make any changes to your combined backend/frontend 
system to add an Xbox frontend at a later date.  I mean, if you want to, 
go right ahead, but it's pretty much a waste of your time.

> 1a - at some point I'll want to add extra hard drive space, or if i 
> can afford it, do a motherboard swap and go to SATA drives, so the 
> same question applies: is it relatively easy to add/swap hard drives?.
Pretty easy with the SVN versions, but 0.20 doesn't support multiple 
recording directories just yet.  When 0.21 comes out, adding more drives 
should be as easy as setting up a new mount point as a recording 
directory.  That said, it isn't terribly difficult with 0.20 and LVM - 
just that if you don't have to LVM, it'll be much nicer.


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