[mythtv-users] Diskless Front End (again)

Neil Sedger mythtv-users at moley.org.uk
Mon Apr 23 16:24:11 UTC 2007

Rich West wrote:
> What it doesn't do:

> o Doesn't seem to mount any of the snapshot stuff.

This is probably the cause of most of the problems... without the 
snapshot areas the filesystem is readonly.

 > o Doesn't start X, and, hence, never logs in as mythtv to start up the
 > frontend.

Did this work OK when it was on the local HD?
If so I suspect this may fix itself when you sort out the snapshot.

> o It does generate an error regarding fstab being ro during startup, and
> it then hangs for ~2mins at starting /sbin/init

fstab should be in the snapshot area...

Mine sits at /sbin/init for about 2 mins too. Not sure what its doing as 
there's no output! It doesn't whinge when its done though, just carries 
on normally, so maybe this is just how long it takes?

> o It doesn't start any of the local network services (ssh, ntp, etc).
> o It doesn't allow me to log in as "root" or as "mythtv".  I can't even
> /bin/su - as either of those users..

Not sure about those, but fixing the snapshot problem will very probably 
fix them too. Especially if /etc/passwd and friends are supposed to be 
in the snapshot and therefore out of date... or if it can't write to /var...

What does it say on screen when the snapshot fails?
Mine has said things like 'dir xxx not found' or 'dir yyy could not be 
created', mostly because of silly typos by me when editing the 
'files.custom' (or whatever its called) file and trying to remove 
redundant dirs from the 'root' dir on the server...


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