[mythtv-users] Ongoing Fedora YUM Dependency Problems

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 23:05:18 UTC 2006

This email is simply a rant...  but I need to express my frustration, so I'm
begging forgiveness in advance.

I've been using MythTV for over a year now.  I originally tried to make it
work with SuSE (wasted lots of time there), until I found Jarod Wilson's
wonderful HOW-TO for installing Myth on Fedora Core 4.  (Thank you, Jarod!)
I switched to Fedora and got MythTV installed and working on 2 machines.

But over the year, I continually experienced problems when updating or
upgrading via yum.  Over and over again, yum refused to do anything because
of dependency problems.  Each time, I had to invest time and effort to work
around the problem.

When I was confronted with the problem again this week, I decided to upgrade
to Fedora Core 5.  So I downloaded the DVD ISO, verified the DVD was good
and upgraded the master backend.  After the upgrade, the system couldn't
launch the X server.  So I tried to run "yum upgrade".  It refused due to a
conflict over the boot image.

So I copied all my recordings to another box and dumped a backup of
mythconverg - and did a clean install of  Fedora Core 5.  Immediately after
first boot, I tried "yum upgrade".  Same problem.

I'm giving up on Fedora.  Hello Ubuntu...
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