[mythtv-users] Use Myth to digitize VHS/analog media?

Matt Hannan mythtvlist at cox.net
Fri Sep 29 01:23:46 UTC 2006

catfish wrote:
>> Can I use MythTV to digitize my old VHS collection?
>> It seems feasible, but I am a bit stumped.
>> My capture card is a PVR-350 and I am interested in using the analog
>> "break-in" box.
> Yeap, I actually do the same thing. I set my up with 0.19 and I think 
> it's even easier under 0.20.
> My setup is FC4, Mythtv 0.20.20060828-3 (recent atrpm), pvr-350. USA.
> I bought the secondary header from hauppauge and connected it to my 
> pvr-350 and connected the composite to my av switch box (which switches 
> between my vcr, vidcam, game consoles..etc).
> I believe with 0.20 you just need to run mythtvsetup->video 
> sources->Create a new source. I named it AV Input, set no grabber, and 
> default freq.
> Go back into Input Connections->pick the right connection (on mine, 
> composite2). I called it AV Input again, set the video source, set 
> channel script to "/bin/true" (important!). I also set the channel start 
> at 0 (match channel to the next part).
> Next go back to Channel Editor->Add a new channel. Name the channel 
> (mine in AV Input), give it a channel number (mine in 0, match previous 
> paragraph), set a call sign (mine AV INPUT), check visible, might want 
> to check commercial free, then set your video source. The rest I left 
> defaults.
> In myth you can either use the Channel Tuner button the switch between 
> tv and the vcr or channel to channel 0. I use the channel 0 to save a 
> button on my remote.
> Note that there is a delay of about 4 seconds from what the vcr (or 
> anything else) is shown on the screen, about 1sec from the pvr, 3sec 
> from mythtv buffering. I find it best to setup mythtv to record then hit 
> play on the vcr. Do any editing on the computer.
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Thanks, Catfish and Nick!
Nick, I went to the mailing list archives and turned up TONS. Thanks for
reminding me.  ;-)
Catfish, I am just starting to mess with this "record analog" stuff and
I like your set up.
I'll play around around more tomorrow.


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