[mythtv-users] To ATX or mATX......discussion please...

RH pvr at bostonmacosx.dyndns.org
Thu Sep 28 16:07:34 UTC 2006

Well I had my heart set on going mATX with a Antec NSK 2400.
I was going to use and ASUS board with OnBoard video and audio  
however I'm leaning away from onboard video.
In that case I'm thinking I need more PCI slots...I want to record  
two shows at once and watch a third.
So I'm thinking ATX.
However the HTPC case at the ATX size really jumps in price.
For $80 i would get the NSK 2400 with a good review and power supply.
Now I'm thinking $200 to achieve the same thing in an ATC form factor.

I'm looking for suggestions for ATX cases that wont beat the PVR  
budget and are quiet and cool.

I'm thinking 2 PVR 250's and a 6200 Nvidia card along with a 939 or  
newer AMD socket motherboard.

Could anyone point me in the way of a nice looking(silver preferred)  
ATX case. I'd prefer deskop FF but not a must.


Robert Herbstzuber
WebSite: http://rjhcc.dyndns.biz

PHP/MySql-Web Design-Desktop Consulting-Custom PC Building

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