[mythtv-users] .20 needing more CPU than .19? (My upgrade story)

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Thu Sep 28 15:55:19 UTC 2006

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Steven Adeff did have cause to say:

> are you on a fe/be or seperates? I've got a dedicated BE and am able
> to record 3 HD, 1 SD have 2 commflagging processes run and watch an HD
> show on my remote frontend all at the same time with mythbackend using
> up ~10-15% cpu on an Athlon64 3200+ (commflagging using the rest of my
> cpu %)
> Are your commflag process running niced (I believe they should run at
> level 17 iirc)? I don't see why your X2 isn't capable of doing what
> your asking of it.

Combined FE/BE.  Commflags run low priority, and mythbackend doesn't take 
much cpu, but the frontend has become a disaster.  Right now I'm watching a 
hidef stream ('Cops' off fox) and its chunky, with hesitations/skips every 
5-15 seconds. Nothing else going on (no recording, no jobs).

In .18 I could commflag hidef in realtime, so it only ever had one job at a 
time.. now its 2-3x realtime (and it gets worse since it ends up flagging 2 
shows at a time.)

Its not IO bound (or doesn't seem to be):
Cpu(s): 52.5% us, 41.9% sy,  0.0% ni,  5.6% id,  0.0% wa,  0.0% hi,  0.0% si

19585 mythtv    10  -5  490m 308m  78m S 99.7 30.6 806:20.20 mythfrontend
 3987 root      15   0  163m 146m  49m S 88.4 14.6   1178:35 X

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