[mythtv-users] Remote "lag" question...

Andrew Davis andrew at nccomp.com
Tue Sep 26 18:27:30 UTC 2006

My remote appears to lag. There's no IR interference anywhere nearby... 
in fact, it seems to lag from an inch away. The best way to describe 
this is that 1 in 3 button pushes results in action right away. However, 
the other 2 out of 3 require I press the button twice. As an example, 
just now I was on "Watch Videos". When I press the down button once 
nothing happens. Pressing it again moves it to "Listen to Music". Going 
back up I have the same problem. Even holding the button down for 3 
seconds has no effect... I still have to press it again before it does 
anything. But the next time I press it (back up to "Watch Recordings"), 
it moved with a single button push. Is this something I can 
control/adjust in /etc/lircd.conf? Is this system lag causing it (I'm 
transfering my 30Gb movie collection over via scp in the background)? 
Perhaps a buggy remote (its not batteries, they're brand new)?

Related, perhaps someone can answer a question for me... I have a 
greyish, squarish USB IR receiver plugged in. The back has two ports 
labeled 1 and 2 with what appear to be 1/8'' headphone style jacks. My 
kit also included a long cable with a 1/8'' mono connector on one end. 
What this for? Is it a "remote/receiver extender"? Do I plug it into the 
IR Blaster port on my cable box? Help??? :)

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