[mythtv-users] Remote "lag" question...

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Wed Sep 27 00:06:14 UTC 2006

Andrew Davis wrote:
> Related, perhaps someone can answer a question for me... I have a 
> greyish, squarish USB IR receiver plugged in. The back has two ports 
> labeled 1 and 2 with what appear to be 1/8'' headphone style jacks. My 
> kit also included a long cable with a 1/8'' mono connector on one end. 
> What this for? Is it a "remote/receiver extender"? Do I plug it into the 
> IR Blaster port on my cable box? Help??? :)

that extra cable is a ir blaster that sends ir signals instead of 
receiving them (like the main box does) ... unfortunately the last i 
read, the lirc_mceusb2 (or lirc_mceusb if you have the v1 version of the 
receiver) doesn't support the blaster part of the MCE USB IR receiver

i remember reading something about the mce driver effectively 'queueing' 
IR commands and maybe this has something to do with it?  for instance, 
on mine, if i hold down the "up" key, nothing happens ... until i 
release it ... then, it sends [x] number of "up" commands to mythtv ... 
it's really annoying, but as i know nothing about C or kernel hacking, i 
just deal with it ...

i did have a similar problem as you, but it turned out to be the MCE 
remote (i use a Kameleon w/ the MCE receiver, so the MCE remote is 
unused) ... apparently when we were cleaning, my wife stacked a bunch of 
books/magazines on top of the MCE remote and it was constantly sending 
out a signal :P ... the LED essentially worked in reverse ... it was on 
all the time, but blinked off when i pressed a button on the kameleon 
... i know you said there was no ir interference, but that might be 
something to double check as it drove me nuts for a few days before i 
found it! :p

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