[mythtv-users] [OT] VIA EPIA - Share your experiences. Desktop has it arrived?

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 07:51:12 UTC 2006

ALL IMHO of course

> Questions
> * VIA's attitude to linux - Good, bad or indifferent?

Bad - they offer the veneer of good support, but it is just that a veneer.

> * Unichrome chipset - Is this a binary blobs? Problems?

Depends - mostly good, although Xvmc support is excellent via
openchrome there is only so much open source developers can do.

> * DMA issues resolved?

Never had an issue that I could identify as that.

> * Support/ mailing lists, dedicated linux EPIA wiki

ok ish.....

> * Distro neutral driver & patches.

I've got most of it to work with Fedora with yum repo's.  Gentoo
support is pretty good.

> * Sufficient CPU horsepower for desktop system


> * System stability

Fine - occassional Xvmc lockups but the rest is fine.

> In short the EPIA concept is great for a low powered cheap desktop
> system.  Does the reality match the theory using open source software?

I'd say yes - I'd get another for a desktop as long as you are aware
of the issues above and do not expect to have great graphics or CPU
performance - which on a WWW/email system is fine.


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