[mythtv-users] [OT] VIA EPIA - Share your experiences. Desktop has it arrived?

Babstar debian-list at blueturtles.com
Tue Sep 26 01:22:38 UTC 2006

          I am seeking peoples experiences with VIA EPIA systems.  I
know this OT for the list, however my logic is that there seems a large
install base because of the their potential suitability as mythtv frontends.
I looked into the EPIA boards about 2 years ago, however there appeared
to be quite a few problems with kernel patches / DMA issues & the
unichrome drivers.  In short, the boards appeared to be quite immature
for open source systems.  Has the situation changed?
    I am considering one as a replacement desktop for www/email, not
gaming.  Has the EPIA arrived as a open source desktop system?
Some  thoughts:
* Low power consumption
* Quiet
* Small
* Cheap

* Vendor lock-in for the*whole* system - Dependant upon a single vendor
for BIOS/binaries/patches
* Relatively little vendor support

* VIA's attitude to linux - Good, bad or indifferent?
* Unichrome chipset - Is this a binary blobs? Problems?
* DMA issues resolved?
* Support/ mailing lists, dedicated linux EPIA wiki
* Distro neutral driver & patches.
* Sufficient CPU horsepower for desktop system
* System stability

In short the EPIA concept is great for a low powered cheap desktop
system.  Does the reality match the theory using open source software?


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