[mythtv-users] MythTV on Slackware 10.2?

Matthew Watson glycer67 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 04:46:34 UTC 2006

On 9/24/06, Eric Holt <eric-mythtv at skoozdag.com> wrote:
> Hey folks.  New to the list, my first post actually.  Glad to see theres
> so much traffic on here.  I've already saved a few posts that I think
> could come in handy with tips and tricks later on!  So thanks ;)
> I built my HTPC just about two months ago and I love it.  I have a
> PVR-150, a small square Chenming case dvd burner good speakers and a 19"
> LCD monitor as my display at the moment.  I'm running KnoppMyth.
> However, I'm interested in getting my hands dirty and attempting to
> install the latest MythTV ontop of a fresh install of Slackware 10.2.
> Slackware is the distro I know the best and infact I'm pretty darn
> familiar with it.  I have servers built for clients that I maintain
> based on Slackware and its just an extremely fast, stable OS.
> I've searched for some guides or how-to's on installing MythTV on
> Slackware, but they're all old, using Slackware 9.xx.  I'm not sure
> exactly how much would be different, but I'm sure the "process" would be
> nearly the same.  However, before I begin, does anyone have an updated
> guide or how-to on installing MythTV 0.20 on Slackware 10.2?
> If there isnt one, I'd be willing to write one up, as I do it.  I'm not
> the best "technical writer" in the world, but I'm sure I could put
> something together.  Eventually ;)  I'd prefer to start with someones
> newer guide if there is one, so that I have minimal downtime for my HTPC
> box.  I'd hate to get halfway in and get stuck for a day or two not
> having the box up and running and not be able to record any shows.
> Thanks in advance... I appreciate any information or suggestions anyone
> could provide.  Also thanks for a great product, MythTV is awesome!
> --Eric
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I'm running myth on Slackware 10.2; just upgraded to 0.20.  I've
thought about writing up a guide to save some people the trouble I
went through and promote the use of Slackware.  However, Slackware
11.0 is soon to be released (currently in final release candidate)
with upgrades to MySQL 5, PHP 5 (in /extra), and Linux 2.6.17 (in
/extra).  It looks like development on IVTV is focused on >= 2.6.17
kernels, so you might think about waiting for Slack 11 to come out and
create the guide for it instead.  Just a thought.

Good luck with it.  I wish I had the time to do it.  If you run into
any problems getting it up and running I'll try to help out if I can.


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