[mythtv-users] MythTV on Slackware 10.2?

Eric Holt eric-mythtv at skoozdag.com
Wed Sep 27 07:09:43 UTC 2006


	Thanks for the reply.  I knew Slackware 11 was in development, but I 
didnt realize it was coming very soon -- I'll wait around, I dont wanna 
write it for 10.2 and then 11 come out and break something :)  I'll 
definately do a write-up though when I do it.  I did a write-up for 
installing LTSP on Slackware 10 a while back.  Hopefully I can get you 
to read this one over when I get it finished and let me know what you 
think and/or if you have any better tips or tricks. :)  If I run into 
any issues, expect an e-mail from me :-D heheh


Matthew Watson wrote:
  > I'm running myth on Slackware 10.2; just upgraded to 0.20.  I've
> thought about writing up a guide to save some people the trouble I
> went through and promote the use of Slackware.  However, Slackware
> 11.0 is soon to be released (currently in final release candidate)
> with upgrades to MySQL 5, PHP 5 (in /extra), and Linux 2.6.17 (in
> /extra).  It looks like development on IVTV is focused on >= 2.6.17
> kernels, so you might think about waiting for Slack 11 to come out and
> create the guide for it instead.  Just a thought.
> Good luck with it.  I wish I had the time to do it.  If you run into
> any problems getting it up and running I'll try to help out if I can.

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