[mythtv-users] MythTV on Slackware 10.2?

Eric Holt eric-mythtv at skoozdag.com
Sun Sep 24 23:11:55 UTC 2006

Hey folks.  New to the list, my first post actually.  Glad to see theres 
so much traffic on here.  I've already saved a few posts that I think 
could come in handy with tips and tricks later on!  So thanks ;)

I built my HTPC just about two months ago and I love it.  I have a 
PVR-150, a small square Chenming case dvd burner good speakers and a 19" 
LCD monitor as my display at the moment.  I'm running KnoppMyth.

However, I'm interested in getting my hands dirty and attempting to 
install the latest MythTV ontop of a fresh install of Slackware 10.2. 
Slackware is the distro I know the best and infact I'm pretty darn 
familiar with it.  I have servers built for clients that I maintain 
based on Slackware and its just an extremely fast, stable OS.

I've searched for some guides or how-to's on installing MythTV on 
Slackware, but they're all old, using Slackware 9.xx.  I'm not sure 
exactly how much would be different, but I'm sure the "process" would be 
nearly the same.  However, before I begin, does anyone have an updated 
guide or how-to on installing MythTV 0.20 on Slackware 10.2?

If there isnt one, I'd be willing to write one up, as I do it.  I'm not 
the best "technical writer" in the world, but I'm sure I could put 
something together.  Eventually ;)  I'd prefer to start with someones 
newer guide if there is one, so that I have minimal downtime for my HTPC 
box.  I'd hate to get halfway in and get stuck for a day or two not 
having the box up and running and not be able to record any shows.

Thanks in advance... I appreciate any information or suggestions anyone 
could provide.  Also thanks for a great product, MythTV is awesome!


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