[mythtv-users] Analog channels with HD-3000 and Myth .20

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 22:14:07 UTC 2006

With the release of myth .20 one of the features I was looking forward
to is the ability to use my pcHDTV HD-3000 card for both digital and
analog channels.  I know the analog side doesn't have the greatest
picture quality and recording from it will use up significant system
resources.  However, this tuner actually gives me a better picture on
a few channels than my PVR-150.  Plus it's nice to have another option
in case of recording conflicts.  I was able to get video working with
the analog tuner, but I'm having trouble with audio.  After playing
around with it a little I finally figured out that I needed to route
the audio out on the HD-3000 to an input on one of my soundcards.  I
hadn't been using this connection, since up to this point I'd only by
using the card for digital channels.  I've got the connection in place
now, but I'm still having issues.  When I use the card for live TV on
my myth backend system I get audio, but nothing when I record or when
I watch live TV from another frontend system.  Also, I've noticed that
after exiting out of live TV mode the audio continues to play.  What
am I doing wrong, or what have I missed in my setup?

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